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Returning to practice

For those members who have been on a career break or have been Associate members we are here to support you in returning to and starting your practice again.

Membership requirements for returning to practice

1. CPD Points

Whilst CPD is compulsory for all practising members, we recommend that members on career breaks undertake 25-50 CPD points per annum to maintain competence and make returning to practice easier. 

We can become de-skilled quickly when our knowledge and skills are not used regularly, so it is prudent to remain current if you intend to return to practice.

2. Updating skills and knowledge

If you have been out of practice for a period of time, you will need to complete an updating period before returning to practice. When you return to practice, our requirements mean that you can decide to update your skills and knowledge in a way that is most convenient and beneficial for you.

You determine what you need – submit a plan to us, undertake the necessary work and submit evidence of completion when you have done this. You may find it beneficial to have a colleague mentor you during this period.

3. Minimum requirements

Every professional has an obligation to ensure that they practice safely and effectively within their scope of practice. The requirements we set for returning to practice are minimum requirements. You may feel that you need spend longer updating your skills and knowledge before you are able to return to practice confidently. This might include a longer period of supervised practice.

You should refer to the National Professional Standards for Herbal Medicine to ensure you meet the competence criteria for practice and to inform your development plan for returning to practice. This updating period can be made up of a combination of supervised practice, formal study or private study. Formal study can include attendance at seminars and conferences.

How long you’ve been out of practice will have a bearing on how much you need to do:

  • Less than 12 months – minimum 25 CPD points
  • More than 12 months – minimum 50 CPD points 50% of your updating should be in a clinical setting (you can either go to a training clinic or shadow a colleague). The IRH may organise clinics from time to time.You should submit a CPD plan to the IRH membership secretary indicating what you will do to update and rebuild the competencies that you need to return to safe, effective and confident practice. The updating period must take place within 12 months of the date in which you apply to come back onto the register.

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