irish register of herbalists
irish register of herbalists
irish register of herbalists
irish register of herbalists
St Anne

St Anne’s Physic Garden

St Anne’s Physic garden is an IRH project in association with Dublin City Council, formally opened in 2015. A physic garden is a collection of medicinal herbs in this case planted in the formal style of medieval sunken gardens as used in monastic settings. The garden, which has featured on RTE’s Nationwide programme, is open to the public and for educational purposes. A qualified herbalist will be present on certain dates to answer questions. For more information please visit here.

herb patch project

The Herb Patch Project

The Herb Patch Project was launched in conjunction with Ireland’s first National Herb Week in 2015. It is an IRH initiative to work with Irish national schools to offer the knowledge and practical skills to plant a herb garden. The project  aims to give children an opportunity to develop a relationship with plants and an interest in the natural world. A familiarity with how to use herbs to maintain health is a valuable asset for us all and will benefit these children as they grow into adulthood. For more information please visit here.



HerbFeast is an annual celebration of herbs and herbal medicine organised by the Community of Irish Herbalists, a project which stemmed from an IRH initiative in 2011. The event is a movable feast which moves around the country bringing an eclectic range of speakers and presenters from Ireland and beyond. Previous speakers and luminaries from the world of herbal medicine have included David Winston, Sean Boylan, Lorna Mauney-Brodek, Graeme Tobyn,  Keith Robertson and Dr Donn Brennan. For information about next year’s event please visit here.

herb week

Herb Week

National Herb Week is an annual event in Ireland celebrating herbs and herbal medicine. There is a coordinated series of public events aimed at educating and sharing ideas about the importance of herbs and their health benefits. These events will be run by qualified herbalists and will offer the public a chance to find out more about what a herbalist does, how herbs can be used to treat a myriad of health issues and how to find a herbalist in their area. Events will include herb walks, workshops, herb talks, clinic open days, special discounts and much more. For more info click here.

Principles Of Natural Healing

  • Promoting the safe and responsible use of whole herbs and botanical products…
  • Advocating sustainable cultivation and responsible manufacture of plant medicines…
  • Providing reliable information on herbs for the public, media and government agencies…
  • Advancing and protecting the profession and practice of herbal medicine…
  • Implementing continuous practitioner development to ensure clinical excellence…
  • Establishing international links and co-operation for the herbal sector…