Course 1 – The Eight Elements Of All Things 14 – 15 July 2018

The aim of this course is to teach the students how to identify and use the ancient system of Eight Elements within plants, as well as how that relates to them, people around them, and the nature we all exist within.

Saturday (Day Of Stones & Salt)

10:00 am  History Of The Eight Elements, 
                 Introduction of the Physicians Of Mydffai,
                 Doctrine Of Signatures, Tissue States,
                 Astrological Correspondences, Ruling Days, Celtic Origins

11:00 am   Activity: Researching Your Own Element       

Students are given dates of Elements and some time to read the course documents with instructions to prepare a brief discussion of their own element.

11:30 am  Presentation and Discussion of Elemental Research

Students are encouraged to present information regarding their own element and how it relates to them.

12:30 am – LUNCH

2:00  Meet In/Drive To Nature To See Examples Of Eight Elements

How to read doctrine of signatures to discover what elements lie within a given plant.  Forest walk and discussion.

4:30  Wrap Up And Final Questions

Final lingering questions and wrap up.

Sunday (Day Of Light)

11:00  Recap Of Eight Elements, and Discussion Of Example Plants

Review of the qualities of the Eight Elements, with photos to draw exact examples of how to identify the elements.

11:30  Activity: Present 3 Example Plants From Your Own Element

Students are given time with some books/internet to find 3 plants from their own element and gather some information on how they might fit into the eight elements.

12:00  Discussion and Presentation of Plants

Students present findings on their individual element plants and we discuss how they fit into the system

1:00  LUNCH

2:30  Meet in Nature to see examples of Eight Elements

We meet in a different environment, perhaps with more light, higher up to see some different elements at work, hopefully finding some of the students element plants from the morning.

5:00  Wrap Up and Final Questions