Herbal tea prices are set to jump by 23pc after the Revenue Commissioners confirmed that such drinks are in a different VAT category to traditional tea. – See more at: https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/storm-in-a-herbal-tea-cup-as-prices-to-jump-by-23pc-30169996.html#sthash.GqylZEts.dpuf

Herbal Tea Tax
In this class, we will return to the Observation of the face and look at a variety of ways that the Chinese and others have approached this question. This is material that is unavailable anywhere else and the emphasis will be on useful clinical information.

CoreyPine Shane
North Carolina Herbalist and Head of The Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine


23rd and 24th September
Coláiste Luibheanna Coachford Co. Cork

Day One:
“Differentiating Herbs for Pain: Specific Indications”

Pain is the number one symptom for which people seek help, and yet it is only a sign of underlying imbalance; pain is a messenger. Herbal remedies can be very effective for both acute and chronic pain, but work best when we get as specific as possible in matching the right herb for the right kind of pain. In this class we will look at five categories of pain herbs, with specific indications for each herb that we discuss in order for the practitioner to be best able to choose the right herb for the right person.

Day Two:
“A New Approach to Inflammation: Blending Traditions”

Using a unique blend of Chinese medicine, Physio-medicalism and western physiology, this class teaches a direct way of understanding what is actually happening at the tissue level. This includes understanding the three different stages of the inflammatory process in terms of Hot, Cold and Damp and how acute inflammation can be resolved in a way that avoids chronic problems by clearing post-inflammatory toxins and harmonizing local circulation.
CoreyPine Shane, RH(AHG), is Director of the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine (founded 1999) and has spent over 20 years helping clients by artfully blending Chinese and Western herbal traditions with a focus on local plants. As a seasoned wildcrafter, he has extensive knowledge of wild plants as well as medicine making. He has taught at many national conferences, written on herbal medicine, and is a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild. CoreyPine believes that laughter is an essential part of any medicine chest, which is why he is a part of the “Wise Guy” school of healing.

Email Nikki if you wish to attend at nikkidarrell@eircom.net

Cost per day is €35.00 for students and €50.00 for practitioners. A vegetarian lunch will be provided.

New Books from IRH Members

Margaret Palmer has a new book out called ‘Naturally Healthy’

It is available from this link.

Nikki Darrell has been busy bringing out 3 new books. The first is aimed at those interested in adding aromatherapy into their herbal practice and is extremely practical. The other books are a two volume set on plant medicines and the path of traditional herbal medicine.

The books can be purchased from the following link and sample chapters are available free for download. It’s great to see herbalists bringing out new books and adding to the stream of traditional wisdom.