The word Physic stems from the middle english word to treat or act as a medicine. This term was used from circa 13th century and had it’s roots in old french, latin and greek.

In medieval times monasterys had gardens like this and the word offinalis given to these plants indicated their use in the officina – the storeroom of the monastery. Some examples of these would be Althaea officinalis, Hyssopus officinalis and Melissa officinalis.

As the field of horticulture and botany grew these gardens led to the creation of Physic gardens which were the site of collections of plants used for their medicinal value.

St. Anne’s Physic Garden is a great asset to all those people throughout the country who are interested in the medicinal properties of herbs. Either professionally, as Herbalists or as curious members of the general public, you will be able to see and experience real growing and flourishing medicinal herbs.