21 05, 2018

Course 2 – Healing With The Eight Elements

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Creedons Hotel, Inchigeelagh, Macroom 23 - 27 July 2018 The aim of this course is to build upon the foundation laid by the first course by deepening the students understanding of the system with the more subtle energies of the eight essences as well as how to utilize the system to heal and balance others. [...]

10 10, 2017

The Role of Fungi in the Human Biome

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Update: We are delighted to say that we have nearly reached capacity for the talk. Should you wish to check availability or be added to a waiting list please contact:    “The Role of Fungi in the Human Biome”  Talk and Foraging Walk with ‘Mushroom Man’- Fred Gillam in St.Anne’s park 25th November 2017 [...]

24 08, 2016

Germany Lifts Ban on Kava

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Kava, the rhizome and roots of Piper methysticum, are one of the most important social pillars of Melanesian societies. They have been used for more than 1000 years in social gatherings for the preparation of beverages with relaxing effects. During the colonial period, extract preparations found their way into Western medicinal systems, with experience especially [...]

14 07, 2016

Keith Robertson – Aug 20-21st, Carlingford, Co Louth

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Keith Robertson, founder of the internationally renowned Scottish School of Herbal Medicine, returns to Ireland by popular demand this August. The Scottish School were the first to create an MSc programme for herbal medicine in the world! Keith is considered a visionary with his energetic approach to herbal medicine which remains his life's work. Keith [...]

14 07, 2016

Switzerland Makes Herbal Medicine Legal!

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Could this be the beginning of a sea change? Are the Irish government taking note? Mar 29, 2016 - 19:26 The ministry decided to give the five therapies the benefit of the doubt (Keystone) The interior ministry has announced plans to give five complementary therapies the same status as conventional medicine. Homeopathy, holistic medicine, herbal [...]