Welcome to the IRH

Why it’s a great idea to be a member – Benefits of being a Member

Once you are a member you will be able to access the Members Area.

Application Form

In order to join, please download the New Member application form
 IRH New Member Application Form pdf
You can also find an example Field Work log sheet here

  • Please find the postal address for applications below.
  • We can only accept hard copies of any application forms or documents.
  • Please do not send any originals e.g. insurance certificates, send copies only.
  • Applications may take several weeks to complete so we urge applicants to send all required documentation first time round to avoid delay.
  • For payment options please see below.


Membership Types

Full membership

In order to apply for Full membership you should ideally be a graduate from an establishment which meets the IRH Core Curriculum criteria.

For those who have trained through a traditional apprenticeship we would recommend that you apply for Associate membership and follow the grandparenting route to Full membership.

New members do not have to complete CPD points to join but on renewal Full members are expected to complete 100 CPD points per annum – Find out more about CPD here.

Insurance forms for Full practising members can be found here.

Associate membership

Associate membership would be recommended for anyone who meets the criteria for Full membership but who does not currently wish to practise.

Also graduates of courses who do not meet our entry threshold or those who have trained through a traditional apprenticeship should apply to be an Associate member.

This membership does not cover you to practise but if you wish to, you can apply to upgrade to full membership through our grandparenting policy.

Associate members are expected to pursue 50 CPD points per annum if they intend to upgrade to full membership. For more about CPD go here.

Student membership

We welcome applications not only from students of courses which meet our Core Curriculum criteria but also those that do not. Such students we would encourage to upgrade their membership via our grandparenting policy. 

Student members are not required to complete CPD points. 

It is assumed that students are covered by their college/course insurance.  If you are not covered or if practicing outside of your course(i.e. to gain extra clinic hours under private supervision) you will need to organise private insurance and contact membership@irh.ie

Renewal of Membership 

Current members: For more information on renewal of membership and renewal forms go here.

Members Returning to Practice

If you are an Associate member or haven’t been practising due to a career break, please go here for more information.

Code of Ethics and Constitution

To apply for membership you must be familiar with our Code of Ethics and our Constitution. These outline the rights and responsibilities of our members but also the structure and running of the IRH and it’s commitments to it’s members .

You can download copies of the IRH Code of Ethics and IRH Constitution here.

Core Curriculum

          • The IRH has produced a core curriculum which sets out what we expect courses should provide in training.
          • We only accept applications for full membership from graduates of courses who meet the criteria set out under the core curriculum. You can find further information here.
          • Graduates of courses that do not meet the criteria can apply via the IRH Grandparenting Policy.


For more information on what CPD is all about go here.

Postal Address for Application Forms

Membership Secretary
Irish Register of Herbalists
Unit 5C
Nutgrove Office Park
Dublin 14

Payment of Membership

Payment of your membership dues alone does not qualify as membership. Once your membership form and all relevant documents have been received and approved you can choose from the following payment options:

Cheque/Postal Order/Bank Draft

          • Made payable to the Irish Register of Herbalists
          • €uro only
          • Any cheque etc. sent along with your membership will not be cashed until your membership has been approved.


We ask that no automatic renewals be set up for membership payments as we cannot facilitate this.

Please note you will need a code to use the online facility which will be sent to you when your membership has been approved.