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Are you ready to apply to become a member of Ireland’s Largest Register of Herbalists?

Types of Memberships

1. Full Membership

In order to apply for Full membership you should ideally be a graduate from an establishment which meets the IRH Core Curriculum criteria.

For those who have trained through a traditional apprenticeship we would recommend that you apply for Associate membership and follow the grandparenting route to Full membership.

New members do not have to complete CPD points (Continuing Practitioner Development) to join but on renewal Full members are expected to complete 100 CPD points per annum. You will be given access to information about this upon application.


2. Associate Membership

Associate membership would be recommended for anyone who meets the criteria for Full membership but who does not currently wish to practise.

Also graduates of courses who do not meet our entry threshold or those who have trained through a traditional apprenticeship should apply to be an Associate member.

This membership does not cover you to practise but if you wish to, you can apply to upgrade to full membership through our grandparenting policy.

Associate members are expected to pursue 50 CPD points per annum if they intend to upgrade to full membership.

3. Student Membership

We welcome applications not only from students of courses which meet our Core Curriculum Criteria but also those that do not. Such students we would encourage to upgrade their membership via our grandparenting policy.

Student members are not required to complete CPD points. 

It is assumed that students are covered by their college/course insurance, however this is not often the case.  If you are not covered or if practicing outside of your course (i.e. to gain extra clinic hours under private supervision) you will need to organise private insurance. Feel free to contact membership@irh.ie for advice on this.


Apply Online by clicking on the button below


This application should be sent via post or emailed in. Details are found within the application.

For existing members looking to renew their membership

Please log in to your account at www.members.irh.ie/renewals/ and fill in the provided renewal application.

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