Reminder: Memberships are due for renewal by the end March 31st 2016 – membership forms for renewals and new applications as well as full information can be found here.

Full members renewing – 100 CPD points are required for membership renewal – send a list of what you have done with your renewal form. For full guidelines please see the CPD booklet issued to practicing members or download it from Resources. CPD can include any activity which you can demonstrate has improved your practice so if there is something not mentioned in the guidelines please feel free to put it forward. Note – we expect CPD to come from a range of activities.

New applicants – applications are welcome from new graduates, associate members upgrading or persons returning to practice. New graduates are not required to submit CPD points, persons returning to practice or upgrading require 50 CPD points. Graduates applying for the first time must have attended a course which fulfills our core curriculum criteria, including a minimum of 500 hours clinical experience. For more information contact the membership secretary

Insurance forms for our block scheme can be downloaded from the membership section but should be returned to the insurance company and not IRH.

We look forward to welcoming old and new members in 2016 and to forging ahead for herbal medicine in the year ahead.