The IRH has adopted a grandparenting policy in order to facilitate the professional recognition of those who have been in traditional practice for a considerable length of time and those who have obtained training overseas or via the less academic routes.

Candidates for grand-parenting will be required to:

  • Hand in a portfolio of training, prior experiential learning and/or knowledge acquisition and documents showing the number of years they have been in study and/or practice.
  • Those who have been engaged in practice are required to hand in 15 case studies of patients they have treated within the last 5 years.
  • There will then be a viva voce interview with a panel of 3 appropriately qualified herbalists (5 year minimum in practice and 3 years teaching experience), lasting one hour. The interview panel will consist of members of the IRH committee and appropriate consultants as required.
  • The combined assessment via these routes should identify whether there are any areas that require further study. If necessary a mentor will be assigned to facilitate the delivery of evidence showing fulfilment of the criteria outlined above. If there are learning gaps that require further study, the candidate will be required to complete these areas of study within a stipulated time period (1-3 years) with a school/s agreed with the IRH.

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