Creedons Hotel, Inchigeelagh, Macroom 23 – 27 July 2018

The aim of this course is to build upon the foundation laid by the first course by deepening the students understanding of the system with the more subtle energies of the eight essences as well as how to utilize the system to heal and balance others.

Monday (Day of Water & Stars)

10:00 am – Introduction to the Eight Essences (Focus On Stars and Sky)
Students are introduced to the eight essences, which is far more subtle than the eight elements, and how they fit into the wheel of the year

11:00 am – Activity: Find Your Own Essence/Elemental Combination
Students are encouraged to look further into their own makeup to find the essences they are associated with as well as the elements.

11:30 am – Presentation and Discussion of Student Findings
Students present their essence findings and there is a class discussion

12:30 am – LUNCH

2:00 – Go into Nature and start to identify the essences within the plants
Here we can return to one of the spots from the previous weekend, but this time go deeper into the essences of the plants and how they relate to the elements
4:30 – Wrap Up and Final Questions

Tuesday (Day of Fire & Sparks)

10:00 – A Deeper Understanding of The Eight Elements considering the Essences
The eight elements are shown in the light of how they relate with the essences and how this can be used to deepen the students understanding of them.

11:00 – Activity: Mapping The Elements and Essences Present With Plants
The students focus on certain plants to discover the essences and elements within the plant and how they contribute to their healing properties.

11:30 – Presentation and Discussion of Plant Maps

12:30 – LUNCH

2:00 – Go Into Nature (New Environment) Focusing on Fire, Sparks, and Smoke Plants
The second area of nature visited from the previous weekend can be visited in order to look at deepening the understanding of the plants with essences and better grasp of the eight elements in mind.
4:30 – Wrap Up and Final Questions

Wednesday (Day Of Air & Sky)

10:00 – Introduction to the Advisors and the Court Roles as well as the Concept of building your own Castle of Advisor Plants
The roles and functions of the plants as well as the metaphor of creating yourself a castle of plant advisors ordered by the elements and essences in courts.

11:00 – Activity: Identifying your Plant Advisors and Connections
Students use these concepts to start to reveal their own plant advisors and search their personal plant connections.

11:30 – Discussion and Presentation of Personal Plant Connections

12:30 – LUNCH

2:00 – Into Nature (Focus on Air, Sky and Light Plants, as well as establishing personal connections)
We visit a new environment, with air plants.  Students look for their personal plant connections.

4:30 – Wrap Up and Final Questions

Thursday (Day of Earth & Gems)

10:00 – Introduction to Identifying Secondary Elements and Essences as well as Actions (Roles Of Individual Plants)
Students are introduced to the concept of multiple elements and essences present within one plant, and looking beyond the main element or essence

11:00 – Activity: Sorting Your Personal Plant Connections Into Your Castle (Diagram) of plant advisors
Students take some time to sort their personal plant connections into roles in the courts of the metaphorical castle of plant advisors.

11:30 – Presentation and Discussion of Roles and Functions of Plants within The Eight Element System
Students present their personal plants.

12:30 – LUNCH

2:00 –Go to Nature To find more Plant Connections, focusing on Plants of Earth and Gems as well as Identifying Function and Elemental Changes of Plant Energies
We visit a new place, perhaps a deeper forest with more earth and gem plants, students look for more personal plant connections

4:30 – Wrap Up And Final Questions

Friday (Day of Dew & Mist)

10:00 – How to Use The Roles and Position of the Plants (Advisors) On the Wheel to Balance and Heal Energies
All the information from the week is synthesised into a method of healing and balancing the eight elements and essence within a given person.

11:00 – Activity: Finding Personal Plants To Balance your Energies

11:30 – Presentation and Discussion of Personal Healing Plants

12:30 – LUNCH

2:00 – Go to Nature to find Plants that you may need to Heal (Focus on Plants of Dew and Mist as well as Identifying Energies and How to Use Plants in The Eight Element System
We visit a more wet perhaps riverside environment to find some different plants and students work on identifying essences and suggest healing uses based on the functions of each plant.

4:30 – Wrap Up And Final Questions