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Become a Herbalist

To become a registered clinical Herbalist with the Irish Register of Herbalists, you must meet certain minimum requirements of training and experience in the field. This can be done via different means, but notably through approved courses and student clinics that fit our curiculum.

What are the Minimum Requirements?

The Minimum requirements for Joining the IRH are the following:

  1. The completion of an approved course in Herbal Medicine. (Click here to view Core Curiculum Requirements)
  2. 500 hours of Clinical Experience.
  3. Must be over the age of 21.

What if I already have prior experience?

For those who have prior experience in Herbal Medicine, we offer a Grandparenting Policy which allows such practitioners to be guided through the process of becoming an IRH Herbalist. Click here to find out more.

I live in Northern Ireland, can I still join?

Yes, absolutely. The Irish Register of Herbalists represents herbalists on the entire island of Ireland. We offer support and advise for our herbalists across both borders. Upon completion of an approved course, you will be able to join the IRH.

Applying for a Student Membership

If you are a student in one of the approved courses, you may become a student member of the Irish Register of Herbalists. To do this, please go to the the New Member Registration page.

Membership Benefits

 1. Representation by a professional association

Members are part of professional organisation (IRH) who work alongside other groups and organisations in our communities locally, nationally and internationally, to promote and preserve the herbal medicine tradition.

Members of the IRH are represented by their professional association to the government, the media and the general public.

2. Up-to-Date Information for the Herbal Community

Members receive newsletters, up-to-date information, exclusive content and opportunities to develop their skills & experience.

3. Access to Membership Portal – Expert Advice & Resource page

Members have the opportunity to discuss and have guidance from experienced herbalists, through the Membership website Forum & Resources pages.

4. Your full details on Find A Herbalist

Members can add their listing to the Find A Herbalist page.


5. Block insurrance at competitive prices

Members avail of our block insurrance scheme for the most competitive available quote.

6. CPD Events and Seminars

Members can take part in workshops and seminars through the IRH to contribute towards their CPD points.

7. Access to IRH forum

Members can take part in discussions with other members of the IRH and connect with the wider herbal community of Ireland.

8. Access to our Digital Library

Members gain access to rare books, documents and monographs by accessing our Digital Library.

9. Certificate of membership, Logo & M.I.R.H designator letters

Members receive a Certificate of Membership with the IRH. Fully registered members may use the designator letters M.I.R.H. Members can use the IRH logos on websites and documents.

The IRH acts as a central focal point for practitioners and students alike. It is a great support network for people to share ideas and offer or receive advice. We also organise relevant lectures and events for your continued professional development (CPD). We are constantly reviewing means of support for our members and we have negotiated reduced rate deals for both practitioner/student insurance and with certain herbal suppliers. Members avail of all such support, promotion and financial perks.

Benefits of being part of the Irish Register of Herbalists

The Irish Register of Herbalists (IRH) operates across the Island of Ireland as a professional organisation who works alongside other groups and organisations, locally, nationally and internationally, to promote and preserve the herbal medicine tradition.

The Irish Department of Health recommends that the public checks if a herbal practitioner is a member of a professional association. This is for good reason as it allows the public to be sure they are consulting with a competent and disciplined professional who follows strict guidelines. The U.K. has likewise recommendations which apply to Northern Ireland.

It is of great importance for a herbal practitioner to be part of a professional body such as the IRH, as it provides a unified platform for its members, enabling us to focus on establishing a strong and professional image for Herbal Medicine. Only through such efforts can we expect Herbal Medicine to move towards integration within a modern Irish healthcare system as is recommended by the WHO (World Health Organisation) Traditional Medicine Strategy. It is within the interests of all herbalists to strongly support this work.

The IRH is affiliated to FICTA (Federation of Irish Complimentary Therapy Associations) with up to date access to developments within the sector at local and European level. The IRH is a supporter of EFCAM (The European Federation For Complimentary and Alternative Medicine) and endorses the work of the Botanical Adulterants Program.

The IRH is a founder and member of CIH (Community of Irish Herbalists) who organise the annual HerbFeast event in Ireland, a celebration of all things botanical. The IRH also makes submissions to the HPRA (formerly the Irish Medicines Board) and aims to protect and enhance the legal status of the herbal practitioner. The IRH maintains discussion with the Department of Health concerning the recognition of herbal practitioners. The IRH also works alongside the other herbal professional associations in Ireland. In 2014 the IRH established a Physic Garden at St Anne’s Park in Dublin to provide an educational resource in botany and field skills, and to help reintroduce threatened species.

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