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The Irish Register of Herbalists

The IRH is a professional body for fully trained, safe and competent herbalists who meet our qualification threshold and who accept the high standards of ethics, stringent criteria and professional conduct the Register demands.

The IRH is the largest professional association of its kind in Ireland and is the only all-Ireland body representing herbalists throughout the 32 counties. The IRH continues to raise the standard of best practice and fully supports, offers guidance and updates its membership on key developments within the sector while also providing representation to government, media and the general public.

The IRH is open to graduates of all schools and traditions of herbal medicine provided they meet our core curriculum and entry criteria.

Our membership includes traditional herbalists, naturopaths, medical herbalists and master herbalists. We have core curriculum criteria for practitioners of Western Herbal Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic medicine.

Our Role

  • to ensure the very highest standards for the safe, professional and ethical clinical practice of herbal medicine by its members, and to encourage clinical excellence.
  • to support the education, growth and development of the herbal tradition in Ireland, and beyond.
  • to educate all and everyone it makes contact with on the safety, efficacy and importance of herbal medicine as a vital form of health care either through seminars, workshops, publications or through the media.
  • To focus on our members, whether they are practicing, student or associate members, ensuring they are highly trained, informed, professional and well supported.
  • to focus on the importance of ecological issues and sustainability. We encourage a culture of recycling. The IRH also offers guidance on wildcrafting and endangered species.
  • The IRH works alongside other professional groups and organisations, locally and internationally, to promote and preserve the herbal medicine tradition.


Our ‘Find A Herbalist’ section lists a register of fully trained, insured and competent herbal practitioners across Ireland who have met our high standards and are engaged in continual practitioner development (CPD).

Simply search for a herbalist in your area.

If for any reason you have an issue with one of our practitioners or if you would like further information about the IRH please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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